• Jeff Heaton, Portland Biofeedback Specialist

  • Posted on January 18, 2018
  • For Jeff Heaton, Oregon is not just his home, but the home of his business and a medical climate that is very amenable to new techniques for healing, such as his field of biofeedback. Biofeedback is a therapeutic technique that is based on the concept that any human being can use the power of their mind to gain ultimate control over most bodily functions. By gaining control of their body through their mind, a person can become more aware of what is happening inside the body and use that knowledge to control certain functions.

    Based on his medical training in biofeedback, Jeff Heaton, Oregon native, formed Jeff Heaton PC and Associates a few years back. Located in Portland, this organization attempts to assist patients with using biofeedback to gain a higher level of relaxation and to alleviate stress, but they also help to find mindful treatments for a number of physical conditions, such as headaches, including migraines, hypertension, asthma and even chronic pain.

    Jeff Heaton, Portland biofeedback technician, helps patients feel better without the use of medications and chemicals; he helps them learn to use their mind to heal, and he is always learning new things about his profession, which he has been working in for the better part of four decades. He attended Southern Oregon University for two years, from 1979-1981, where he studied physiological psychology and biofeedback. Since 1981, he has attended the Oregon Health and Science University, where he has studied what is called neurodiagnostic technology, which is a method for diagnosing problems with the brain and the nervous system, often using very sophisticated equipment to do so. Jeff Heaton PC and Associates does what it can to encourage healing through the concept of mind over matter.

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